Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Helmets in USA

What more does a Dirt Biker need? Plush pads, great ventilation, utterly reduced overall weight (including those GoPro adjustments/installations) and available parts. Dirt bikers are always willing to go that extra mile to sustain the comfort shortcomings, but what they can’t compromise is with the functionality of the helmets.

Now that you have the initial information let’s take a look at the best dirt bike helmets you can find in the US markets.

Helmet Dual Sport Off Road Motorcycle Dirt Bike ATV - FlipUp Visor - 27V (L, Matte Black)

Dual Sport helmets are hard to come by when so many fake options are available around.The distinctive points about the good ones from the bad ones are interchangeability and compliance. MMG offers this Dirt Bike ATV Model 27V and this alone is the significant proof of the DOT and Snell compliance, as MMG is a well respected name in this genre.

The visor on this one is adjustable into various ridges helping user for comfortable vision. The helmet comes with a care bag as well, so that you use products that are crafted for maintenance of the helmet. Pick this one for best Dual Sport experience.

Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet DOT Approved - YEMA YM-915

This one is the highest quality imported helmet that you can get in the USA. The best part about this YM-915 is that you can find visor and pad supplements very easily. The polymer anti-sunlight coating on the inner shell is most optimized for the ease and comfort of the dirt bikers who more than often have to put in a lot of pressure at very slow speeds on tracks.

The special ABS Housing and CAD Surface designing give the user an extra aerodynamic edge compared to other options. Choose this for the best comfort and after purchase hassle-free usage.

Yescom DOT Outdoor Adult Full Face MX Helmet Motocross Off-Road Dirt Bike Motorcycle ATV M

Every Dirt Bike Helmet offers washable pads for the inner shell but Yescom offers washable ear pads as well. Aesthetics of the helmet play a vital role in maintaining your stature on the playfield, otherwise one just ends up leaving the helmet within one year or so. Yescom MX helmet ensures that you get that good look as well. The most volume of air flow delivered via the filters of this helmet, tested by ‘Snell Association’ is also another good reason to pick this one up.

Fuel Helmets SH-OR3015 Adult Off-Road Helmet, Multicolor, Medium

Apart from the adjustable visor and best in class premium exhaust/intake vents, the Fuel SH-OR series helmets provide for a great grip by using D-Ring retention straps and non-slip side google panels. The thermoplastic shell quality (71% liner, 12% EPS, 9% other portions) of this dirt bike helmet makes this the least weighted option from our list and options out there. Also chose the one for the affordability factor as the value pick from the best 5 options of Dirt Bike Helmets.

O'Neal 0623-063 3 Series Helmet (Black, Medium)

If there was ever a universal helmet which met standards across the globe, it would have been the O’Neal 3 Series Flat Dirt Bike Helmet. This one abides by all US, NZ, AS, and EU standards. The weight distribution of this helmet is the highlight, and the weight tolerances for even the smallest parts is another engineering marvel to look forward for. The durable graphics promise to stay for years and the wicking away effect of the dual plush pads keeps the rider super cool. This is the option for riders and players who believe in technical precision of the rides.


One important notice that users should take nowadays while buying Dirt Bike Helmets, is that they are generally imported (if you’re buying a good one). Since we’re laying an emphasis in our helmets’ series on the accreditations that users should look for in their helmets, you should know that Dirt Bike Helmets need to comply following standards for different countries, AS1698 (Australia), UK (BS Standard) and NZ5430 (New Zealand). Or you can simply pick one that suits you from the list we’ve given. Keep visiting...

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