Safest Motorcycle Helmets For Your Money

Whether it is style or functionality, nothing is going to matter if your helmet is unable to perform the basic task of keeping you safe. Safety is the number one priority of a helmet and you should definitely invest on one that a guarantees protection. Though you should also remember that even the safest helmet will have some limitations.

Let’s look at the Safest Motorcycle Helmets available in the market that’ll give you maximum protection and safety.

Shoei Men’s RF-1200 Street Anthracite Full Face Helmet

Shoei’s reputation was built on the success of the RF series helmets and now Shoei is considered one of the finest motorcycle helmet manufacturers. Right from the RF-105, the RF series has evolved gradually over the years into a better helmet each year. These helmets are not only the most comfortable but also the safest motorcycle helmets with both DOT and SNELL certifications. The helmet is made from the industry leading Aim+ shell and dual density EPS liner for efficient impact absorption. And with advance wind tunnel tests and top-of-the-line interior, the helmet manages to be very quiet and aerodynamically stable. Also, the CWR-1 pinlock feature on the shield makes it more rigid and avoids bending caused either by wind pressure or opening and closing of the shield.

Bell Race Star Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Race Star Full Face Motorcycle Helmet complies with safety standards of DOT, ECE and SNELL which is a welcoming sight when talking about the safest motorcycle helmets. The helmet features the 3K carbon fibre which gives it the feel and performance of a top-notch racing helmet. The inside of the helmet has three layers of impact liner and it is designed keeping in mind all possible impact scenarios whether they are high,low or mid-speed. The Virus Cool Jade power mesh liner are made to be pushed to the limit and keep you cool even in extreme conditions. And the Magnefusion Cheekpads employs magnets to ease removing the cheekpads for washing or during times of emergency.

HJC CL-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Another entrant in our safest motorcycle helmet category from the HJC lineup is the CL-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet. Whether it is DOT or SNELL, it meets safety ratings of the big boys while managing to cost half as much which makes it a great value for money as well. It is constructed from a polycarbonate shell, so you get a lightweight helmet and the advanced CAD technology ensures you get a better fit and comfort.It utilizes the ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation System) which flushes hot air out while maintaining airflow from front to back. It also features a drop-down sun visor which works on a 3-step slide locking mechanism and one-touch release when you don’t need it.

Arai Corsair V Helmet

Arai is a motorcycle helmet manufacturing nobility and the Arai Corsair V Helmet, though on the steeper side, is one of the safest motorcycle helmets out there being both DOT and SNELL approved. The shell of the helmet is constructed from a proprietary Structural Net Composite which adds an imperishable protective layer. Arai’s patented Airwing and DF-10 Diffuser provides groundbreaking aerodynamics by largely reducing buffeting, drag and turbulence. The liner is fully removable and it uses the Dry-Cool material which is very efficient in transferring heat and moisture-wicking while you are riding. And the Side Vent Exhaust Port helps in flushing out hot air while maintaining airflow.

Shark Unisex-Adult Full Face Evoline 3 Fusion Helmet

We definitely can’t forget to add the Shark Evoline 3 Fusion Full Face Helmet in our list of the safest motorcycle helmets. And it is probably one of the very few modular helmets in the market that has received 5 stars in a SHARP Crash test, a double integral/jet helmet certification along with ECE and DOT certifications. Definitely a helmet fit to be called the world’s safest modular helmet. The shell of the helmet is constructed from an injected thermoplastic and features improved aerodynamics and ventilation while being a lot quieter with the newer design. It also comes ready for installation of the SharkTooth communication system or any other wireless system of your liking.


The first sign of a safe helmet is that it meets or even exceeds the safety standards laid down by the law. Always consider safety standards and certifications when selecting a motorcycle helmet. In this article, we have tried our best to filter down the safest motorcycle helmets to a list of Top 5 so that you can make a safe choice without much hassle.

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