Best Half Helmets - 5 Elite Picks Of The Year

Motosport and Bike Helmets have been ever necessary to accommodate the safety of riders and passengers. Now most of the information online would have you believe that Half Helmets provide the minimum coverage allowed by USA authorities; while its necessary to observe that it provides the most optimized necessary set of protection. Best Half helmets follow not one but three sets of performance and compliance guidelines, the DOT (USA Department of Trasportation), ECE22.05 (UN Economic Commission compliance for Europe Manufactured Helmets) and Snell (M2015)- a Non-Profit, unregulated compliance certificate authority for motosports gear. A lot of information goes into the selection of a perfect Half-Helmet, and without delay let’s find some of the best options that you can fetch online with great deals…

Core Cruiser Shorty Half Helmet (Wine, Medium)

Just one phrase for this one, Comfort n’ Care. Core Cruiser’s Shorty has a special energy absorbing polystyrene liner, preventing minor bruises and near misses. It not only meets the standard DOT FMSV218 but exceeds the stated regulations in some safety concerns. Now everyone is always concerned with the fit and form of a helmet and the Core Cruiser Shorty has a Double-D Ring retention system to make sure that the helmet doesn’t slips or re adjusts on road bumps. Perfect option for Comfort/Cruise riders. Automotive Paint finish of this helmet is aesthetically most suitable for any kind of rider. Comfort n’ Care as we said…

Voss 888FRP Paisley Graphic Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet with Drop Down Sun Lens - M - Matte Purple

The strength of this pick doesn’t fails to amaze one. With the fibreglass hand laid outer shell, with reinforced pressure resilience, this one works really well for structural integrity. The 888FRP Half Helmet with drop down visor, is smoke resistant and iridium coated for clean and healthy city rides. The helmet weighs just 880 grams and has a microfiber water wicking liner which helps the rider in dynamic situations with minor emphasis to details. The micro metal ratchet is an added protection. All features point to one conclusion, that any decent rider would immediately go for this one.

HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half (1/2) Shell Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black / X-Large

Sun Shield! That’s the feature we’d go for with this one. Some people sweat too much, and they like to have a cool head while riding. This one’s got a special sun shield installed with the inner shell, which is smoke tinted and anti-scratch treated.

The liner material is more plush than other options, it provides ‘fit comfort’ in the best way. The anti-moisture make of liner also helps keeping that sweat at bay. It’s also DOT approved and has been designed using latest surface CAD designing. For usage ease and a good feel choose this one and ride all you’d like.

Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap D.O.T. Approved Half Shell Helmet Bundle with Head Strap and Draw String Bag (Dull Black, Medium)

Fit sizes are always concern, with every one in five motorcycle riders in U.S.A having a different skull size pertaining to helmets, the features of helmet become less of a concern compared to sizes. The Daytona Slim Skull ½ shell Helmet comes in three skull sizes for optimization of fit. The retention system of this one comes with an added sliding adjuster and Nylon-Y Strap for customization.

Durability of the helmet and rusting of rivets is also a prominent concern and having nickel plated tubular steel rivets solves this issue perfectly. The Daytona skull cap, has an added customization of snap-on visor, which is good for rider who like customize with and without visor for different rides. The additional features are the USP and your decision maker.for this one.

TORC T55 Spec-Op Adult Half Helmet with 'Flag” Graphic (Flat Black, Medium)

TORC being a pioneer in the protective and tactical gear segment lives up to the expectation all the time. The T Spec Op is a trusted helmet for USA police force as (it’s listed in their trusted equipment). It combines the material features of Polycarbonate shell and Thermo Polymer for energy absorption, weight reductions and strength required.

It’s also available in 2-Shell sizes, with an exceptional EPS Dual Density Liner and an integrated drop down sun visor for great optics and vision. TORC is known for its gun probes as well and thus one can absolutely rely on its visor material in the best way. Chose this one for the reliability and quality factor, its unmatchable.


Riding with a Half Helmet of a ½ shell helmet (as they call it) is somehow an enabler, a pacifier of your commute and adventurous trips. The feedback of the air draught and clarity of vision, is incomparable. With our picks you really enjoy those rides of your lifetime in the best way...

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