Bikes capture the stories of our lives so truly. From ramming our younger selves into that pile of leaves on our scooter, or racing past the garbage truck with our pals, maybe getting your first motorcycle or taking yourself out on those cruise rides; bikes are human life hammered into machines.

Mike being a Bike Charmer himself and a trained racing professional has been tuning and reviewing these machines for a long time now. Licensed by MotoAmerica, Mike took to Motorcycle Training after racing for a short period of time. He says “I see a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts these days, curious and wanting to make good unto their machines. But very less know how it’s actually done. There’s no experience, no logic in the quality of maintenance, and most of them end up ruining their superbikes instead. That to me, is an absolute disappointment and that’s why I want to share what I know with MotorCycleogical.

TheMotorCycleogical is a meant to inform you about building performance, rewiring, painting, restoring, gear reviews, tools and tactics, customizations and biking hacks. It’s meant to sieve down a culture in you that cares more and harnesses more per ounce of octane.

You’re more than welcome to ask your queries, suggest us topics that Mike should write about and seek services that Mike has to offer. Keep coming for information regarding Motorcycle Racing Protective Gear, Equipment for Naked and-or Sports Bikes, Parts and Guides for Customizations, Navigation systems and whatnot.

Mike says: “There’s nothing too less that your bike deserves and there’s nothing too much that can be done for it”. Come let’s make Motorcycle Care a little more logical with MotorCycleogical